How to Help your Teens Using Counselling Techniques

Workshop Dates

Many teens are going through the most difficult transition in their lives, which is why many parents wonder what would be the healthy ways to deal with them. Oftentimes, they feel immobilized in helping their teens.

Recent statistics shows that a total of 353 suicides happened in Singapore in the year 2010. 227 of which are males and 126 are females*. Furthermore, Institute of Mental Health (IMH) mentioned last 2005, that the number of children being admitted to their ward has doubled for the last 5 years. For 2011, IMH also cited that one in 16 people in Singapore had depression. Numbers are getting alarming and prevention is the best way to approach the problem.

Workshop Details:

Learn more on How to help your Teens using Counselling Techniques conducted by the Academy of Certified Counsellors. Led by established trainers in counselling, psychotherapy and psychology, the workshop teaches you to master the following key factors:

How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand teens and their behaviour
  • Improve skills on how to communicate with them
  • Develop better relationship with your teens.

What You Will Cover:

  • Understanding Adolescent
  • Youth Counselling Techniques
  • Connecting at Adolescents Level
  • Basic Counselling Techniques
  • Observation
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Feedback
  • Using Questions
  • Challenging
  • Using Humours

What’s Included?

Instruction by an expert facilitator