ACC Is Committed to Education Partnerships Worldwide.
Academy of Certified Counsellors is actively seeking partnership programs with leading businesses, governmental organizations, educational institutions, and associations nationwide. Our partnerships offer special benefits to your constituents — employees, customers, students, and others. Learn more about our education partnerships below.

International Licensees We welcome any overseas schools or businesses who are interested in obtaining accreditation and licensing to run our courses in your country.

Associations We partner with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and governmental and educational agencies for the purpose of providing opportunities to further the educations of their constituents or stakeholders.

Businesses Businesses are concerned about improving the quality of their workforces and many invest heavily in staff training and development programs. An education partnership with ACC brings the benefits of our 100% practical and proven programmes directly to your employees.

Colleges and Universities Articulation agreements and education partnerships with ACC benefit your graduating students, alumni, faculty and staff who may be seeking to complete a Bachelor’s degree, continue their education with a Master’s degree, or upgrade their educational credentials with a Doctoral degree.

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